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For all artists and media professionals

  • We arrange and connect artists of all kinds, such as e.g .:
  • Photo models, top models, photographers
  • Actors, actresses, cabaret performers
  • Amateur performers, extras, extras
  • Moderators, radio presenters, speakers
  • Musician, singer, songwriter, composer
  • Dancers, choreographers, dance lessons, ballet
  • Artists, show acts, performers
  • Producers, filmmakers, directors
  • Set designers, costume designers, location scouts
  • Stylists, makeup artists, makeup artists


The TV focuses u.a .:

  • Innovative TV concepts and projects
  • Teleshopping, brands, licenses
  • Documentaries, Travel
  • Live streams, video-on-demand
  • Shows, Entertainment, Events
  • all channels ARD, ZDF, RTL, Pro7, MTV, VIVA, Teles Regional


Also welcome are e.g .:

  • Lawyers, specialist solicitors (trademark / copyright)
  • Modeling agencies, Booker, Caster, Talent Scouts
  • Financial service providers, investors, media funds
  • Talent Agencies, studios, art lovers
  • Promoters, hostesses, promoters, organizers
  • Managers, agents, sponsors, coaches
  • Recording studios, image editors, cameramen
  • Journalists, volunteers, interns
  • Universities, lecturers, professors
  • VIPs, politicians, celebrities, interested


International Artist Promotion & Entertainment Agency - Night - Revolution offers:
Night - Revolution published in cooperation with various labels and companies, among others CDs and DVDs. These products are targeted and professional expelled, sent for sampling at the press, record companies, promoters and events, the Internet, radio and TV by the participating artists - Europe advertised ..

Just Ask us for a very non-binding offer for a DJ.

You can reach us through this

  • our contact form
  • Our hotline + 41 (0) 79 902 88 96except 17:00, except Sunday - daily from 14!

Once we receive your request, we will send you a personal offer with the exact price information and the contract.

International Artist Promotion & Entertainment Agency - Night - Revolution look for:
Night - Revolution is constantly looking for new music and new artists: Dee Jays, MCs Top Stars, Pop Music, Bands for events of all kinds, Ensembles, Models for Fashion & photoshoots. This includes managers, producers, promoters and creators of all kinds.